Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bachelor Sean

I LOVED Sean on this season's Bachelorette and of course, was crushed when Emily sent him home. But the great thing is that now we will see him on The Bachelor as he *tries* to find love again. He actually seems quite the genuine guy and is a sight for sore eyes. I just can't wait to see how he does as the Bachelor and what kind of gals abc brings in for him. Yes, the premise for the show is a little odd and not realistic at all, but yes, it is entertaining, I get sucked in and I manage to watch every season. This year will be absolutely no exception!

Are you a Bachelor fan?


  1. I am a Bachelor fan and also liked Sean! Excited for the new season!

  2. I'm addicted to the show, can't wait for the new season too!!

  3. haha yes! It's my guilty pleasure! I am happy it's Sean!


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