Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It returns

Along with the returns of boots, pumpkin spice lattes and new fall tv shows (!), I'm looking forward to getting out my favorite fall (and winter!) accessory: the cowl. Aka the oversized scarf that everybody loved last year and in my eyes, I have a feeling they'll be getting the same amount of love as last year. I knit up quite a few last year and this fall I have my eyes on making this one:

This is the ultimate! It is called the Herringbone Cowl by the Purl Bee and hopefully I will be able to duplicate this fall. This is the wishlist. The most perfect "I would wear it everyday with everything in my wardrobe" cowl. And I can't wait to make it!

Did you love the cowl last year? Will you be sporting it this year or will you just go back to long scarves again?


  1. Sooooo excited for fall--and all that comes along with it :)

  2. Couldn't be more jealous! I miss the changing leaves, the smell of wood smoke, and the crisp coolness in the air.

    Here in Arizona... I'm just looking forward to not having to run my AC so constantly.


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