Monday, May 16, 2011

Take time to....Slooooowwww Doowwwwnnn

This is my Monday edition of my "Take time to" where every week I will share something that I believe is worthwhile to take time doing. This is something that I have either done or wanted to do. This week it is what I did this past weekend.

Being a student, I feel like my life is at a constant fast speed. There is always somewhere to go, something to accomplish in a timely manner, someone who is needing me.......the list could go on and on and unfortunately, I am a people pleaser who always feels the need to be there for someone. I know that as I finish school and start work that this is not going to get easier: this feeling of always moving at the speed of light and never taking time to slow down and enjoy the little things. This weekend, I saw my opportunity to do this, and I took it.

favorite friday night activity with Gran
(definitely tasted better the second day with my morning latte!)
I decided to forgo my weekend plans and take the journey up to my grandparents' small town about an hour away from me. Because of my busy year this year, I did not get a chance to spend as much time with them as I have in the past. I love going to their house and visiting because it is so simple: no computers, no Internet, no attachment to my phone. I solely get to focus on spending time with them. I have to say that it was absolutely fantastic. We had a delicious dinner (hooray for take and bake Lou Malnatis' pizza!), ate it slowly and talked for hours, baked absolutely delicious cookies using Ina Garten's recipe (although I did mess them up, but they still turned out just fine, as you can see in my photos), watched and laughed over Say Yes to the Dress (my Friday night TV pick, sorry Grandpa!), and watched the Player's Championship. Of course, all of this was accompanied by hours of priceless, great conversation. I felt no need to spread myself or feel obligated to connect with anyone else but them. I took time to slow down and enjoy the delicious little things that I was not expecting. I could not have asked for a better weekend.

Taking time to slow down the pace and remember what's really important is something that we always lose track of, or say that we are going to do it, but never actually do. I promise you, you will not regret it even if it is just for a day or two. You'll feel more refreshed to do what is necessary later on, while also feeling a sense of calm and happiness knowing that just for a few moments, life could wait. Have you ever had any slow weekends or days? What do you do with them?


P.S. Way to go Chicago Bulls! I am super pumped for Wednesday's game!

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