Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun Fashion Reads!

 I have finally been getting back the time in my life to read for fun and I cannot tell you how nice that is. It seems like it has been forever since I have just sat back, grabbed a good cup of coffee (or Diet Coke if I'm in the summer sun!) and read until my eyes hurt. Well, not till they hurt, but you know what I mean. My local library and I have become fast friends again and I'm always excited to pick up a new read every week.

This week, in addition to finishing a historical fiction recommendation from my aunt, The Postmistress by Sarah Blake, which was a fantastic book (I learned a lot about WWII that my history books never covered),  I was also able to enjoy some fun fashion reads that my mom found. My mom, sisters and I are very into fashion and dressing well. We all have different styles, but we also share some pieces of our styles with each other. We have also always been interested in Parisian fashion, which is why this book, Parisian Chic  by Ines de la Fressange, spoke to us immediately. The former European supermodel shares some of her secrets on how to dress like a classy Parisian, including giving key items every woman should own, places to shop, makeup routines and what kind of food to eat to be just as chic as any woman in grand Paris. It's a fun, fast fashion read and I got a lot of tips that I know I will be applying to my own personal style. A little inspiration for you:

Here's a taste of the items that you must have in your closet:
the perfect trench and of course your own perfect lbd

If you are a Project Runway fan like I am, you will also enjoy Nina Garcia's The One Hundred, which is a list of her one hundred best items that every woman should try. It really is fun and the illustrations by Ruben Toledo are so cute! I enjoyed this book a lot because it makes you realize how much you already have in your closet. I think us ladies always go through our closets thinking that we have nothing, but reading this book made me realize that we all have a lot and it's just how we all combine things that can take our style to the next level. Nina did leave me wanting to do a little shopping of my own soon though! I mean, come on: with one hundred items, how could she not?

Pick them up at the store, library or a digital copy and happy browsing! Also, I'm open to any book recommendations you all have. What have I missed in the past year that I absolutely need to read? Let me know! Happy reading!


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