Monday, May 23, 2011


So see this guy? Yeah, I met him!!
I'm the really excited one giving him a high five!
Ahhh so fantastically awesome!

I MET MATTHEW MORRISON! (No, I won't get tired of saying that!)

Wow, I met him!!!!!!!! It is still so surreal that this all happened. We rehearsed so hard all last week to sing on the red carpet before his event started. He came over and he was so unbelievably suave! In fact, we got to scream when we saw him walking down the street. So cool! It was like I was in a movie or something. Never thought that this would happen to me.

After he came over and gave all of us a high five (which was fantastic!) he went over to talk to reporters and press but then he thanked us for being there. AHHHH made my life! He literally was a foot away from me!

Matthew Morrison, showing my friends some love!

Ok, so then we went to his show right after and he was absolutely amazing. He's such a charmer and he is so talented and has the most unbelievable stage presence. He sang some classics (including some awesome Glee mashups) and then some new songs off of his new album. He also did the Golddigger dance! So sexy!  And he played the ukulele. And smiled a lot. And laughed a lot. And....well I could just gush and gush, but I'll stop now and save my rambling! But it was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget and I was so blessed to have this opportunity to perform in front of all of those people and of course meet him.

So, on top of that and having a wonderful night out with the girls, I baked a lot and had an awesome time with my family. The weather was so nice today, I even soaked up some sun!

How were your weekends?



  1. You MET him?! I'm so jealous right now. The man is beautiful! You touched his hand! I so would not wash that hand. :p

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