Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Let me go home..."

No, I am not yet at home, but starting tomorrow I get to spend a few days relaxing with the family, watching the Bulls with my best friend and sister Ellen, cooking, reliving and creating some choir memories with the high school girls, and having some fun nights out as well as the much needed nights in (in which I know I will be consuming lots of yummy homemade cooking from my mother! Best part of going home). Also, my brother will be home for the summer! I can't wait to see everyone.

I'm really looking forward to this visit because I get to (hopefully) meet one of my heartthrobs: Glee's Matthew Morrison (aka Will Schuster for those of you who are not fans!). He is absolutely fantastic!! Oh my gosh, just thinking about him...well never mind. For those of you who need to just see how hot he is, look no further. In addition to being such a great character on Glee, he has just released his first solo album and it's seriously awesome. If you are anything like me who is all about the "feel good," this album is definitely that. So much fun to just jump and dance to! A little corny, but I love corny ("I'm looking for corny in my life..." thank you Kate Winslet from The Holiday). 

the beautiful Matthew Morrison
look at those abs! Ahhh, I'm melting!
He's actually in town for a benefit gala at the Goodman Theatre and my high school choir is singing at a reception for him. My director graciously called me and the others in our high school music section core four (me, A, K, and H with the unbelievable Mr. H shown below). I am so unbelievably excited!!! Oh my gosh it's undeniable how psyched I am for this. More than anything, I'm excited to relive a little bit of my high school life with the girls that meant so much to me. As much as I love my life now and wouldn't change it for anything, I did love high school. We were so carefree, close and crazy and that has not changed much. I think it's going to be the "being together" aspect that I am so excited about. We have not all sung together in such a long time, so having this opportunity is extremely special and I cannot be more thrilled to be reunited with them starting tomorrow. 

me, a, mr. h, k, and h on one of our fondest h.s. nights
on our little island in the sun
we're a little older and wiser now! (at least in my mind!)

There is something about being "home." It does not necessarily mean the place you currently live, or the place you grew up in. Home to me is where the people I care most are, and in my mind, you can definitely have more than one home. Screw traditions, I know that I have at least 3, which is such a comfort. Home is not just a place, but a feeling: it's a comfort, a happiness, a smile, a laugh, a sense of being content. Where is home for you? What does home mean? Is it a place, a person, a feeling or a combination of all three? 
I'm so excited to go to this home tomorrow and cannot wait for the adventures this visit will have in store. 


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