Thursday, May 26, 2011

Letting Go...Growing Up

I am realizing as I am making my way through this life's journey, that we are constantly growing up. I remember when I was little, I thought that growing up was just a phase and that at a certain point, we would just stop. Well, I was completely wrong. I think we're always growing up, no matter what age we are. Why have I been thinking this lately?

Over the past month, I've been getting quite nostalgic (which honestly I'm about a year early for this, but still, I can't help it). I've been packing things up, saying goodbyes, planning for the future, and it's been quite daunting and scary, yet exhilarating at the same time. I've had some amazing experiences in the past year that I would not trade for anything. But, I haven't stepped back and realized how much I have grown and evolved over the past couple of years. I think I am realizing it now because this summer, I am wanting to start plans to makeover my bedroom to make it more "grown up." This involves, however, me letting go of things that are no longer "me."

Now, I am not one that is afraid of change, but I am a horrible pack rat when it comes to mementos of things that represent me and my experiences. I realized this past weekend that some of them have to go. Part of me misses these times in my life and the person that I was, but more importantly, the other part of me accepts everything I have been and is willing to let in the newer, "grown up" me that I love even more. This is scary, yet exciting! I'm excited to make my space more "me." This is going to be a long process, but I consider it just another phase of that wonderful growing up cycle that never ends! Everything is a growing experience. So I guess where I'm going with this is don't be afraid to grow up, no matter how old you are. Remember the saying that that things "only get better with age?" Well, I think that's true for us as well, and though it's hard to accept sometimes, we need to embrace how awesome that is!

Which leads me to the final question: any decorating tips? Colors that might represent this next phase (not too trendy though that would become tiresome quickly) or wall accessories that are cool? Good thing I have all of these interior decorating blogs to help me and be my inspiration!

This would be fantastic! But my room would have to have ceilings and a deck!
Wishful thinking...
image via Live Creating Yourself


  1. I feel ya girl! It is hard for me to believe I just turned 26! It doesn't help that people still confuse me for a 16-year-old, so I tend to get confused about how "old" I'm supposed to act! What is it that they say? Getting older is mandatory but growing up is optional!

  2. I went to a bar last night and they didn't card but they asked when I turned 21....I blanked before I gave them by brithdate. I was like, wait.....I'm not 12?!?!

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