Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell, Oprah...

Ok, so the title of this post is probably making many people think that I am the sappiest person on this planet (which is probably true, I won't deny it), but I really am going to miss the Oprah show. A lot of people are saying, "Why are you going to miss Oprah? She's got her OWN freaking network!" (like the pun, OWN...hahaha, yeah that's all I got!). Her network is nice, but honestly, I don't think her network will have the same impact as her show.

Oprah in Sweet Home Chicago
15,000 people at the United Center showing her the love she deserves
When I was younger, I always knew who Oprah was. My mom had books of hers and would occasionally watch her show. I didn't really understand it at the time. Then, as I got older, I started watching her when I had days off of school or would stay at home sick. I always loved watching this one woman make ordinary people's dreams come true. I loved seeing the looks of joy and surprise on their faces. This one woman just changed a person's life and I could tell the pride in her eyes that she felt. She came from nothing and now she was making a difference to someone. Ultimately, that's my goal. I love serving others and making a difference and if I can make a fraction of the impact that Oprah has made, I know that I will have done something right.

Oprah is a story teller. She helps share stories, even during the most difficult of times. She asks questions with such conviction and vigor, even if she knows she shouldn't be asking them. She comforts those who have difficulty and is honest with all who deserve and need her honesty. Her voice brings a comfort and a solace to those who hear it. The way she interviews is like an art form that I believe few will be able to perfect.

She's also brought Nate Berkus into my life!
Love them both!
She has helped millions of women and children all over the world, bringing hope and light to those who live in worlds of darkness. Her bright smile, big voice, and calming nature and nurture give these children a future that they would never have had if not for her. She has built schools, established funds, donated books, taught lessons, sung songs, cleaned homes and comforted all who were in need. What she has done for many is nothing short of a miracle. So many have been blessed to have Miss Oprah come into their lives, me included.

So, Oprah, you will never know my name. You will never meet me, see me, or talk to me. But you have affected me. I have loved watching you and watch myself grow up as I've watched you. Thank you for everything you have given to our country and our world. Thank you for showing me how I can live my best life and thanks for an amazing twenty five years!

Happy last episode everyone! I will have my Kleenex ready. Remember: always LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!


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