Friday, May 20, 2011

Caprese Salad

Yum!! So good, don't you think?
Image via Adirondack Baker
I am going food crazy now that I am home! Oh my gosh, I have had so much wonderful food to taste and it's only been one day here! You really do miss homemade cooking when all you have had for the past few months is prepared dorm food (which isn't horrible, but it's nothing like home!). I can go from anything as simple as a salad to as complex as a full course meal to make me happy. But the past few days have been filled with lots of fresh tomatoes and feta cheese! Mmmmm such a fabulous combination (and it's filling, for all of you who are watching it! You get a lot for just a little and it's good for you too!). So the most simple I can think of, is the Caprese Salad. There is barely any effort involved in this besides cutting up the tomatoes and the cheese. Simply take some mozzarella and tomatoes and slice them (however this week we've had lots of feta around so we've just used that! It's our variations on the classic Caprese). I've found that one tomato can fill you, but if you need more depending on the size, that's fine. You can also find feta at your deli, usually given to you in a big wedge. About four slices or so is fine. Top it off with some fresh basil and some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper. Easiest meal ever! If you want a little more filler food, slice up a baguette and you can even toast it on low heat with a little olive oil for an extra flavorful crunch. So delicious, you have to try it!

Happy Friday everyone! Here's a quote to start your weekends:

"People are always talking about the good old days. I say, why don't you say the good now days?" Robert M. Young


P.S. Probably my most loyal reader is my sister's boyfriend, C, who I just met yesterday. He was sad that I didn't mention a few days ago that I was meeting him on this visit, so I just wanted to acknowledge him on here! Thanks for reading and checking in everyday!

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