Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Beauty of a Beach

Last week, I spent time with two of my favorite girls in the Bahamas on a cruise. It was lovely to say the least! It was my first cruise and I had such a great experience on it. There were so many options and so many fun things to do, we were booked every night. But during the day, we took our time and didn't do too much (which was exactly the plan!). Luckily, we were able to escape to a few beaches while we were there. This first beach was in sort of a back area, not many people really knew it was there. It was so tranquil (and I love the driftwood!), I want to go back! The sky was this beautiful shade of light blue, then quickly changed. Still gorgeous, right?


  1. Ugh so jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time!


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