Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fancies: Can I have these Shoes?

Happy Friday to all! After yesterday's day at work, I am so ready for this weekend! Yes it includes more work, but also a day at the Cubs game with a few of my favorites, can't wait! (I'll be packing my parka. But it'll be fun to go to my first game of the year.

mint and navy

Anyway, to fancies! The theme this week is shoes. I will admit, I used to have no sense of style when it came to shoes. In fact, I would pick downright ugly ones that weren't flattering and added nothing to either my outfit or my style. Now, I believe I've gotten much better. Who wouldn't want to take home these new flats from J.Crew? They are gorgeous! I love the mint color and pairing them with a navy sweater seemed like a no-brainer. J.Crew Bonus: I love this new Biennial Satchel. My friend at work has the Biennial in navy, but I love it now in this new color and pattern. So ready for spring! *Chicago, warm up, please!*

Have fantastic weekends and see more swoon-worthy shoes over at Long Distance Loving!

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