Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get out those rain boots!

I just wish that I could look as cute as Ms. Blair Eadie in those boots today. But I feel like my boots are going to need to be styled with a rain slicker or five. It has rained so hard in the past 12 hours and there's no end in sight for the next 12. I feel for those who are going to have a hard commute today to get to work (stay safe). Nearly every highway is flooded at some point so side streets are going to be packed, and to those of us who are going to have cleaning to do in their basements (*raising my hand high). We were up in the middle of the night helping move things upstairs as unfortunately we have flooding in our basement. But, maybe just for a minute, we can have those boots on, and just for a minute feel cute and a little happy that spring has arrived.

and then we can get back to reality!

Both images via Atlantic Pacific

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