Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer Concert Time!

It's almost May and that means that times of outdoor food festivals and evening summer concerts are almost upon us and I could not be more excited! Fortunately for us in Chicago, there are tons of places for outdoor concerts in the summer (many of them are extremely cheap or free of charge). My favorite venue is Ravinia up in suburban Highland Park. It's a huge space, great for picnics and long evenings spent with friends and family.

My dad and I always catch a classical concert or two, but my main event that I'm looking forward to this summer is this man:
image found here

Yes I know. I might be nerding out on this one, but his voice is absolutely gorgeous and I *may have been* playing his songs on my piano since I was 16. To say I've been waiting to see him live is an understatement. I'm so excited that he's finally coming to town! Trust me, I will be singing along. and it might be really loud, so sorry in advance! haha

Who's on your summer concert radar? I'd also like to get in a Dierks Bentley fix when he comes into town in August!

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