Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fancies: Brrr

So the theme for Friday Fancies this week is aprés ski, but fortunately it fits perfectly with Chicago: BRR BRR BRR! I've actually been wishing for colder temperatures, so I'm not complaining. But in about an hour it's going to be quite a little trek from the train to work.

Also, this is almost exactly what I'm wearing today to stay warm! I love doubling up on sweaters. Why not? And J.Crew's merino ones are warm enough by themselves, but when it's this cold, they're so easy to layer up (and fun to find resale. The one I'm wearing today I found for $3 at a consignment store!). These leggings by Danksin are also our go to at our house. They're comfy, warm, and yes can also be used for working out. I have a few pairs and they're so comfortable I sometimes sleep in them.

Hope you all have fabulous weekends! Tonight the sisters and I are spending a night in watching Saved By the Bell. Yes, we might have found it at the library. 4 seasons worth. Be jealous! Have great ones and check out the fancies on Long Distance Loving!


  1. I've been wearing double sweaters for most of this week! I agree that layering them can be really fun :)

  2. This is perrrfect, so adorable and cozy! Just love those boots! Happy weekend :)
    xx, Emily

  3. you found yours for $3?! great score. Stay warm this weekend!

  4. This is such a perfect cozy outfit. I think leggings and a sweater are on par for me today too!

  5. it is darn right COLD here today in chicago (i am from the area too) and so i LOVE this look and would wear all of it in a second. jcrew's ight sweaters are perfect,i am litearlly wearing one now lol.

    cute blog!

    happy friday!

  6. such a cozy outfit!! love that cardigan, and the boots of course!!
    hope you had a fun girl's night in last night!

  7. All I wear around the house and sometimes out are black leggings like that! They're perfect for almost every occassion!

    Cathy Trails


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