Monday, February 4, 2013

Just the Best

Every year I look forward to the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials because they are so well thought out and cute with the most adorable horses. This year was no exception and the commercial was probably one of the only good ones on the whole time, in my opinion.

And who doesn't want to watch a hot guy with a horse? Seriously. I was all in.

Also it was set in Chicago. Good job Budweiser!

In other news, it was  fun win for the Ravens! Whenever I don't really know a team I always go for the underdogs, so that was definitely a fun win. BeyoncĂ© did not disappoint and my favorite part of her show was the Destiny's Child reunion performance. Loved it! On top of eating a few too many chicken wings, tortilla chips and yummy carrot cake, my friends and I had a great time! How was your Super Bowl celebration?


  1. so true, that guy was hot and the horse was cute.they are massive animals,i went to the budweiser brewery a couple years ago with friends and the horses were there :)


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