Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fancies: Oscar Worthy

I look forward to watching the Oscars every year! We used to have these big Oscar parties when we were little and everyone would dress up in ball gowns, my dad would roll out a red carpet and put out bright lights and be our paparazzi and my mom would make Oscar food. Those are some of my favorite memories. It's just always so fun to watch the Oscars and be a part of all the glamour for an evening. My friends are coming over to watch, but if I would be lucky enough to attend, I'd wear this:

Oscar worthy

Can Oscar design a dress for me? This Oscar de la Renta number is such a cool design and the color would be great (with a little bit of a tan!). I'd glitter a little with a heel and some pavé studs and just enjoy the madness!

Here's hoping Seth Macfarlane does a good job! If there are a few funny songs here and there, I'll be a happy camper! Go on over to Long Distance Loving and check out more Oscar fancies. Have wonderful weekends!


  1. Beautiful outfit! So great to run into you last night!!

  2. Wow. This is absolutely gorgeous! So perfect.

  3. Gorgeous color! It would be so stunning against that red carpet. And I think it would look good without a tan too!

  4. That color is absolutely stunning, and just love it with the gold accessories!
    xx, Emily

  5. OMG! That color is stunning. I love that you didn't go over the top, simple and classic!
    Hope you have a great weekend.


  6. oh what an amazing green! I love that the dress is modern while not pushing the envelope too much... gorgeous :)


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