Monday, February 18, 2013

Downton Season Finale!

My weekend was so nice and relaxing, still felt like I got some good work in, so no complaints there! Friday night two of the gals and I went to a bar where we just played Clue and chatted, and it was lovely! Fun I tell you!

The major event of the weekend was the Downton Abbey finale. Yes it was a major event. This was about the fastest season in history and I cannot believe that we have to wait forever AGAIN to find out what's going to happen to the crazy Crawley family.

First of all, and this is a bit of a spoiler, my heart broke in two at the end. I'm talking tears. I mean seriously, I have loved Matthew more and more this whole season, and to see the fate at the end---I don't know how I'm going to get to next season. (Yes I'm being a bit overdramatic, but I was shocked!). Onto other parts of it, my sisters and I oohed and ahhed when Carson was with baby Sib, how adorable is she! Jimmy has just gotten hotter and hotter, and Branson looked better than usual too! Over all, the men on this season--don't even get me started. So much love! and I'm happy that Jimmy and Thomas are going to be friends.

Sorry if you're not a Downton person, but it was probably one of the best things to happen to Sunday evenings at our house. Catch up on this season on (it's completely free!)

How cute is the cast? Seriously love them all! found here

So I had to ask: thoughts?? What will season four bring?

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  1. i can't believe this season is over already either!! someone spoiled the ending for me a couple weeks ago but i refused to believe until i actually watched it;still so sad. i am worried about lady mary now,will become even more critical and angry without her beloved?! and i feel like no one will eve want to have a baby in the family again since it coincides with one parent dying lol. i still miss sybil...and mr carson with little sybi was so darn precious :)

    happy monday!


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