Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cabin Fever

Sorry for the radio silence! This weekend went by in a flash, like always. Though I ran around most of Saturday, it was worth it celebrating my Dad's birthday with all of our family. Those dinners are really the best and I had a great time being with all of them on a day just for my Dad. And let's talk about the cake: it was four layers with chocolate buttercream in between and 7 minute frosting on top. Delish! and before we know it, it's already Wednesday!

But with the weirdest winter weather I have ever experienced, I've been experiencing cabin fever like no other. Maybe it's just because I love to be outside, or maybe it's because I work with preschoolers who NEED to go outside to just run around and exert some energy. But it really truly has not felt like winter. I'm talking LOTS of snow for more than one day, and cold temperatures that have to be accompanied by said snow. Hasn't happened yet, but maybe today will be the day!

So I'm yearning for some sun and some outdoor time! Thankfully two of my favorite ladies and I are off for a spring break cruise in the Bahamas! I'm so so so excited, because I've never been on a cruise, or to the Bahamas. Even though it's not for awhile, I'm yearning for some fun and some sun, and quality girl time too!

Are you experiencing cabin fever? Where would you run off to right now given the chance?


  1. Amen! I would skip over to Hawaii ASAP if I could!

  2. Oh, I totally have cabin fever! I would love to go anywhere warm, really...and I'd have to be able to swim in the ocean!

  3. so jealous!! i've never been on a cruise but i would love to!!
    also, dying for a fiji trip!! ;)


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