Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Room with a View

Yes, I'm talking about my room. It will have a view by the time I'm done! It's started to take some sort of shape and I'm proud of it. I've successfully managed to keep my closet as neat as the day I purged things five months ago and I can now see my beautiful chair. Chairs look really good without clothes or bags on them, don't you think? I think I like it!

My most recent addition is this new book shelf (sorry for the dark photo!) that I added next to my chair. It's so cute and I love the look as if the books and pictures are just floating there.

I've also started to accumulate pictures for my gallery wall. I'm hoping to collect more frames of different shapes and colors, but for now, I was working with what I had: some wallpaper, magazine clippings, and a painting that Ellen painted of the two of us inspired by a photo at the beach so many years ago. Have to show the sisterly love (it's too pretty not to!).

Any new home decor additions in your house/room? With all of the Zara home products available, I might just be able to make my room that much more gorgeous!


  1. Your gallery wall is coming along great! Cute painting by your sister!


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