Monday, October 1, 2012

It remains true

After months of the warmth and the summer, it finally hit me yesterday that fall is here. (I know, and it started about two weeks ago!) But as we drove out the country roads out of the city, we found the prettiest leaves, a crisp fall breeze, and that hazy fall sunshine where you know that times are about to get a little bit shorter.

(Plus that full moon came in last night. Did you see it? It was gorgeous!)

It's here in all of its glory and I just thought I would bring back this pin to remind me all of the things that I really love about fall. I love the Midwest for its change of seasons and it is such a treat to live here and experience it. I can't wait for all of these fall definitions to come out in full force.


  1. yayyyyyy for Fall!! And YES, I definitely saw that full moon last night. It was beautiful. Enjoy the Midwest Fall for me because I'm definitely missing it!

  2. we were on a walk this weekend and james stopped me mid-sentence and pointed at the moon. it was gorgeous!! i'm totally loving fall. as long as it doesn't get cold too quickly ;)

  3. Nothing like the MidWest during seasonal changes, the colors, the leaves, the wind! Beautiful! x


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