Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fancies: a chill in the air!

Happy Friday! Hasn't this been such a long week? I battled a silly cold last weekend, and still have a few of the remnants...ugh! But it's been a good week too. Yesterday I met Mary at the Everygirl Event at Bloomingdales. They recently renovated their handbag, makeup and accessories area and Danielle and Alaina were there to celebrate! There were tasty eats, free wine, and lots of different makeup artists showing off their stuff. It was so fun to catch up, I love blogger events!

falling in

On to fancies! So I've been eyeing this sweater since it came in the catalogue. The price? Not in my budget right now, but always in my Friday Fancies budget! Those Old Navy jeans with the zippers on the sides are on my radar, I've seen them styled and they're oh so cute! I also recently got a pair of booties that remind me of these for way less (only $20!) but same type of style that's been around for a few seasons now. and that bag. I love it!

Hope you have fabulous weekends! Enjoy the first weekend of fall!

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  1. I totally want that sweater's stunning for fall! Hope you are feeling better from the cold!


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