Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doing the Run Around

Ahh! I feel like I've just been moving at a non-stop speed lately. But then again, don't we always? I feel like the beginning of the school year is always crazy. I always try to get into a good rhythm of waking up early, planning good lunches, figuring out when to get my runs and workouts in, hurrying from piano lesson to piano lesson, and then coming home at night to eat, relax and get ready to do it all again. On top of that, my younger sister Mary and I are training for the Hot Chocolate 15K that's only 5 weeks away. This is my first big race and I'm so excited!

But I've realized that I need to be better about the little things I used to be so good at: catching up. I've lost time for simple things like calling my friends and family and checking in. I miss them, I really do. Though it's been a crazy (almost) 2 months, I need to get back on my track of making those calls, writing those snail letters and then my other favorite simple thing: knitting. I have not picked up my needles all summer and now that fall's here again, it's the perfect time to pick them up! There's a million great things up on The Purl Bee once again and I want to to make some. I've got the itch!

Have you had hobbies or things you've lost time for? What are you wanting to pick up again this fall, if anything? Maybe I should make blogging one of them! I miss that too!

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  1. I feel you! I've been way too busy to call, write and do my own hobbies!!! I can't wait for it to slow down a little!


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