Monday, June 3, 2013

Laced to Perfection

Ahh June has arrived!

and then I woke up this morning and it was 43 degrees.

June has arrived!! (Maybe the more I say it, then Mother Nature will take a hint!)

But anyways, with the start of summer comes the new summer catalogues for all of my favorite stores, including Anthropologie, which always has the best summer items, and then the best summer sales at the end of the season. But I couldn't put down the catalogue this time. Everything was just so gorgeous: maxi dresses galore, colors colors colors, and feminine lace everywhere! I've definitely developed a love for lace. It's just so timeless and could go forward for many summer/fall occasions to come.

Jardim Lace Dress
This was the stunner in my book. And the fact that it's paired with that gorgeous necklace that looks like black eyed Susan's (they say it's daisies, but I still think that it looks like MY flower!) is just perfection. I'd take it in a wink! Did the catalogue arrive at your house yet? See the rest of the new arrivals here.

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