Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fancies: Summer's Here!

Happy Friday friends! I'm so excited that today is officially the first day of summer, and fortunately, the temperatures say it's so. Now let's just get rid of this rain!

Summer's in full swing: volleyball has started (I love it!), summer lessons have been rearranged, work is summer camp which is really fun and we've been celebrating my mom's birthday this week (feel better Mom!). What I love about summer is the easiness of the clothing. Everything I wear in the summer has to be easy, cool, and just fun to wear. Enter reasons why I love linen! This dress hits everything here. I would love to have another linen fave in my closet. I love this panama hat and don't you just love these Maya Brenner necklaces? I love my country and my state and to be able to put them together? How fun! (Plus perfect for my favorite holiday that's right around the corner!). What's your summer staple? What's on your summer wishlist? Do tell!

summer wishin

I'll be cheering loud and proud for the Hawks tomorrow night! It's going to be a good one!

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  1. I love the dress and hat on your wishlist. My current wish list is huge but I'm trying to watch my spending (I need to start saving more) so I am trying to ignore all of the pretty things I keep spotting.

    Tracy @


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