Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fancies: Luck O' the Irish

Top of the Morning to you ladies! Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's such a fun celebration and so fun to see everybody in the spirit. My family is Irish and we always cook up corned beef, roasted potatoes and Irish Soda Bread (can we make about 3 loves?) to celebrate the holiday. Oh and Green River too! I've been wearing green and white all week long, but tomorrow I'll be donning this:

Shamrock Shake

Simple, easy, yet festive and classic. I love it! (Not to mention that I would probably wear it again, even after St. Patrick's Day's over!). I'll be celebrating with my sister and friend, eating good food and yes having some Green River! How are you celebrating? Head over to Long Distance Loving for more fancies and have a great one ladies!


  1. That sweater looks super comfy! AH!

  2. So in love with this look-- now all I want is a pair of green skinnies, warm sweater, and comfy loafers :) Too cute!

  3. coziest sweater ever!! and LOVE the green jeans!!

  4. I love the over-sized sweater! Hope you had a great St. Patties day!


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