Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bachelor Finale!

So The Bachelor ended last night. Yes, my friends and I have watched every single episode of The Bachelor religiously since it premiered in January, and we were very excited about last night's episode! We had bets on the top 3 and I did have Catherine in my top, though I was a bit skeptical after a few episodes ago wondering if they would be it. And then last night when she said I love you and he said thank you for today? I was like, whoah, it's not happening!

But then, of course, thank you abc for making us think that the letter was going to be a bad thing. The letter was actually so so sweet and I thought it was cute when Sean said that he's read it over and over. (Disclaimer: I love Sean!). He proposed to Catherine and she said yes and it was probably one of the best proposals in Bachelor history.

Also, I may have cried.
And yes, I realize how incredibly sappy that is. At least I admit to it!

Overall, I loved this season! Sean was a great bachelor, so different than in past seasons. Desiree is also the new bachelorette. I liked her, she was not my favorite and some of my friends found her to be very annoying, but we'll have to wait until summer to see what's in store for all of them.

Are you a Bachelor fan? What'd you think of the outcome?

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