Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Duvet Love

My parents just gave me their old down comforter (hooray! It's so warm!) and it is need of a duvet. I want an all white for my bedding and this one seems like a dream!

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

I love the ruffles, and could you imagine a down comforter being even fluffier? What a dream! Any duvet suggestions? Find this one here!


  1. What a comfy look ... it just looks like heaven to sleep in!


  2. gah! i've been looking for a new white duvet cover, and this one is seriously adorbable!!


  3. I love ruffles and actually two years ago bought multiple ruffle bedding pieces to try on my bed but I just didn't like all the wrinkles especially in the white one - even though that's how it is suppose to look. Seeing this post has me falling in love with a white ruffle bed all over again. xx


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