Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Would You Do?

Ok, I simply ask because I need advice. Nothing serious, I promise you! But during the winter months, I have been wearing boots to work. Mind you, I work at a preschool where we're outside and on our feet quite a bit all day and I like my feet to be warm! I've been rotating with three pairs of boots, but I don't like to overwear any of them because I don't want to trash them up, especially my one really nice pair with leather soles. My brown pair with rubber soles that I've had for three years now are showing a bit of wear. They need new soles, probably new heels, and one zipper broke. I know what you're thinking, they should just bite the dust. But I just love them so much! They're the perfect fit at the bottom and have the space at the top that I love. This would be the second time that I would be getting this pair fixed and I don't know how much more money I should put into a pair of boots that weren't cheap, but nothing too unique that I couldn't find for a cheaper price (especially with all these sales right now!). So what would you do?

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  1. See if you can get them repaired. I am pretty sure it is easy for a shoe repair person to put on a new sole. (I know you like my technical terms).

  2. I highly recommend taking it to a cobbler! My mom and I have done it for shoes we just can bear to part with but are in need of some repair.

  3. get them fixed, for sure! it's hard to find a pair that you will love, even with the sales. xo


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