Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November 1!

October just flew and I know that November is going to fly too. I mean, they're unveiling the Macy's windows on Saturday already. Things are moving quick! So in honor of one of my favorite months (birthday month after all and Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays) I feel like slowing down now will set the tone for slowing down a little bit during the busy rush. Because in spite of it all, I always need to remember this:
Happy first day of November!

image by Susan Hager


  1. happy november 3 susan!! sorry im two days behind :-) hope your november is wonderful so far

  2. Yay for November...and your birthday!! I love this time of year too! Of course, December is my favorite month...with Christmas and my birthday!! ;)

  3. such a cute photo! i can't believe it's already november!! xo


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