Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So I tend to knit a lot! I give my creations as gifts and I tend to keep some for me (why not?) and because of this I tend to not buy as many knitted items in stores because I always tell myself "I can make that." Well, sometimes it's cheaper to buy in stores than to make myself. Here are a few scarves that I would definitely add to my collection:

Gap Reverse Fair Isle Scarf//J.Crew Polka Dot Snood//Gap Crisscross Cowlneck//Gap Fur Cowlneck//J.Crew Stripe Merino Snood//Gap Fair Isle Cowlneck (out of stock)//

Ok, so in my opinion Gap has it going on with scarves this year. I have a snood from them from last year and LOVE it! Where do you tend to get yours from? 


  1. I have been wanting a fun fair isle print scarf and it looks like Gap has a couple of options!

  2. I feel like Gap has it going on with everything this year! I can't get enough of that store right now. I really love the J. Crew striped scarf on the bottom too!

  3. The polka dot snood is tooooo cute! So amazed you can knit all of these! Your friends/family are very lucky!

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  4. Great picks, love them all! :)

  5. Really love them all...especially the stripes.

  6. One of my favorite snoods is form gap too! They've been killin it lately. Also obsessed with that Jcrew striped one (duh)


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