Friday, July 22, 2011

View from the Top

Well we are on to Part 2 of our Colorado adventures! Next stop: Durango! We're going to take a few days to get there since we have a few days to kill until we're expected at our next destination. I'm excited! We're going to picturesque Telluride and hopefully we'll drive by the Ralph Lauren ranch! (Ever since my mom saw that Oprah with the Laurens on it, she's been dying to see it...and I don't blame her, I want to see it too!). Anyway, I'm excited to see what the rest of the state has to offer! It's been quite a trip so far and we're having a fantastic time.

I hope you're not getting bored of my pictures from the this beautiful place, but I just had to share a few from the biggest hike we've taken. Every day we've pushed our limits and went farther and higher each day, but today took the cake. We took a nine mile hike. Yes. Nine miles. At 9500 feet. Yep, I still can't believe we did it either. It was tough, but the view was oh so worth it.

Ahh! Gorgeous. We may not have been singing Climb Every Mountain during this hike...

So, thanks Avon. It's been a blast! Off to Durango we go!

Happy Weekends!


P.S. Thanks everyone for putting up with all of my travel posts. I promise that soon I'll start talking about other things, promise!


  1. Awesome pictures! You enjoy that Colorado air for me! :)

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