Monday, July 11, 2011

Mmm Tart!

So this was a busy weekend! Between a wedding, big babysitting jobs and having the grandparents over, I was tired out by last night. Yesterday we had a DELICIOUS meal: burgers on the grill (I added onions inside with a little bleu cheese on top---I wanted to be a little gourmet!), spinach salad with strawberries and feta and a delicious tart that my mom and I made for dessert.

This guy was delicious! We were chanelling our inner Joooooolia Child by making a delicious creme tart that we found from her famous Art of French Cooking Cookbook. It's so decadent and it really was not too difficult to make. Julia helped us every step of the way through this one in her book. It's so good!

We put strawberries on top, but in the past we've piled raspberries on it and it tastes just as good. I mean, I tell ya, it's gotta be the creme! It's just rich enough and has this really creamy texture to it. The slight vanilla flavor is just perfect for the fruit on top and then the crust below it. Thank goodness we saved some extra cream to eat by itself. It such a fantastic treat.

This week is the countdown to our big trip out West. I'll be sharing more about the trip later this week. Let's just say I'm getting a little bit excited!

Have a very sweet Monday everyone!


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  1. ah your tart looks fabbbbbulous! So very Julia Childs of you :)

  2. Oh yum!!! I'd love the recipe if you are willing to share! :)

  3. Delicious! Perfect summer treat:-) Haha. Joooooolia is the best! xoxo

  4. Thanks everyone! I can definitely share the recipe! It was kind of long to put on here, but I'll definitely email it you Stephanie!

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