Friday, July 8, 2011

My new boyfriend

Ok, so I have a new love. It's probably the best love I've ever had. He's so nice, and if you don't like something he does, you can just press a button, ask real nicely and he'll change. Who is my perfect man? My Pandora Radio of course! hahaha

Trust me, I'm really not crazy, but the other day my sister said "You know how on Sex and the City, Miranda traded Stevo for Tivo? Well that's what you're doing with your Pandora!" I just about died. So my love life is kind of nonexistent right now and I guess I'm making up for it by massive amounts of listening to my Pandora! haha.

If you haven't used Pandora, it's pretty fantastic, and pretty nice if your favorite radio station is fuzzy or you need a break from your iTunes. I'm pretty addicted to my Today's Country Hits...(like really addicted, maybe I should expand my horizons!)

So I thought I'd get a little personal about my love life. Don't worry everyone, I'll share Pandora. Let's face it, there's plenty of him to go around!

Happy Weekend!



  1. I love Pandora Radio!

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  2. Pandora radio is the best!! We have the SAME boyfriend ;)

  3. I am obsessed with Pandora radio! I cant stop listening to it! Greatest invention EVER hands down :)

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