Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cold July

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends, I know I sure did. However, I did get sick with a cold. I have been sick on many holidays but this is the first time I've been sick on the fourth. Although I tried to hide it for a day, it's just coming back to bite me (let's just say yesterday and today I have not yet left the comforts of my bed). I'll just say it...I HATE BEING SICK! And I'm probably the worst sick person you'll ever meet. I'm always getting out of bed and wanting to do more than I should. Is anyone else like that? I just can't sit still, especially when it's so nice out. Oh well, I'll try to be a better sicky!

On the bright side, I finished The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. Goodness that man knows how to write a good love story. He made me cry at the end...again. But that's ok, it was one of those good cries. Now I am about to start The Help by Kathryn Stockett. My little sister just finished it and said it was fantastic, so I'm excited. Anyone else read it?

For now, I'll just be here relaxing in my bed so hopefully I'll be good to go by tomorrow or the next day. I have a busy week up ahead and I need to get better, so I'll just spend my day reading and maybe start a new knitting project? We'll see.

Enjoy this glorious weather!


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