Monday, December 3, 2012

Snapshots and sparkle!

I cannot believe today is already the 3rd day of December! It feels like May around here with all of these balmy temperatures. I want my cold and snow back, please! Even though the weather around here feels like we live in the South, I'm still savoring as much holiday as I can muster! I brought out my book of Christmas carols, played my favorite Christmas CDs and even started a little baking to spread some holiday cheer.

I think that the best daily cheer I receive is my nightly walk to the train station from work. I immediately get in a good mood on this little walk! The suburb I work in does holidays up right, as seen here by the thousands of lights that are present in just one block!

How are your town's holiday lights? Does it feel like December in your town? 

*By the way thank you for all of the birthday wishes! They all meant so much to me! It was such a fantastic day filled with homemade pizzas, chocolate cake and Julia Roberts movies!


  1. All of those lights would definitely get me in the Christmas spirit!! Gorgeous! So glad you had a fabulous birthday!! xo

  2. It's chilly but rainy here in Oregon. Definitely feeling wintery!


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