Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get on my Bookshelf!

Though I don't read as much as I want to, or be in the mood for (let's be honest: I could replace reading with knitting!) but these are books that I could just flip through time and time again. Have you picked them up yet? I got Pippa's book from our library and I love it! I literally talked in a British accent while reading. The pictures are gorgeous and the ideas are fantastic for every holiday all year round. Of course, Ina can do no wrong either. We have all of her books and use them daily and I bet this one would be no exception. Then there is Nate's book which I have heard so much about. It looks fantastic. Have you read it?

Books are great gifts too and I bet any of these would make your friends and family smile! What books are on your wishlist?


  1. I want Pippa's book too!! I may have to get it from my library too! Happy Thursday girl! xo

  2. You're right. You so can't go wrong with Ina!

    Great book suggestions, just in time before I head out to Barnes and Noble :)

    Cathy Trails
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  3. i really want to see a copy of pippa's book; it sounds pretty amazing. so cute that you read it in a british accent :) xx


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