Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Highlight: Train + Laughter

Happy (late) Monday ladies!

Last night, my friends and I went up to Ravinia (an outdoor music festival) and saw Train perform (and Matt Kearney and Andy Grammar) and it was so fantastic. We had so many laughs, ate a lot of good food, and sang at the top of our lungs to songs we have known since we were really young (did you know that Train has been around for 18 years? I had no clue it was that long!).

We really had a fantastic time and we played countless games of Bananagrams! Have you ever played? Seriously once you play once, you'll be hooked!

Nights like this one show how truly thankful I am to have my friends be there. Such a great end to a nice, relaxing weekend!

What'd you do this weekend?


  1. Aww that looks like such a sweet weekend with friends!! This past weekend, I was supposed to go to Vegas with my gal friends but I missed my flight.

    All is good though because I got to see my bf's little girl perform at her recital and I wouldn't miss that for the world!!!

    Here's to a good new week! :)

  2. How fun! I have always wanted to go to Ravinia!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I had no idea that Train had been around for 18 years - that's crazy. And I've never heard of this bananagrams game, but I'm going to need to check it out!

  4. Bananagrams?! I love Bananagrams! I played with one of my roommates last night, we gave up though when the rest of our roommates got home though... :^P

    Sounds like your weekend was grand, Susan! Hope your week's just as great!

  5. Wow Train has been around 18 years!

    I love outdoor music festivals. It looks like everyone had an amazing time.


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