Thursday, August 9, 2012

Achieving my Impossible

I honestly did not know how I wanted to sum up my feelings until I saw this pin last night.

And it expressed it perfectly.

I am so proud and happy to say that I finally have a full time teaching job, and I could not be more excited! After all of the worrying and doubt that I have experienced for months, I can finally rest easy and get prepared to start the first chapter of my career. Of course, I know that I am lucky to have found one now, as I could have been looking for years, as some have. I'm thankful that I have such a supportive family, who has been doing everything they can to help me succeed. I am so ecstatic to start and be as creative as I can, working as hard as I can.

For the past few months, looking for a job has been my impossible. It has been a big, black hurdle that has seemed so daunting, and all my work and efforts did not seem to be paying off. After rejections and doubts and wrong cities and wrong times, I finally achieved my impossible.

and I have to say, it feels really good!

I hope that all of you achieve your impossible, and when it's done, I promise you, you'll never feel better!


  1. First of all, congratulations!!! I'm sure that is both exciting and such a relief to find a job. And I know how that feels when looking for a job. Sometimes you feel like the search will just never end, and it does feel impossible at times. It is so rewarding in the end, though, when all of your hard work pays off!

  2. AHHHH SUSAN!!!! Huge congrats! You are so deserving of this, and I can't wait to hear all about it! xoxo

  3. Yay!!!! That's fantastic news!!!! I'm so happy for you! I certainly hope you are celebrating!

  4. Heartiest congratulations, I can truly understand your feelings. One is so dishearten when he can't find job. But then nothing is impossible in the world. It just need a little more patience and little extra hard work. I hope you have a wonderful time at new job. Best of luck and happy weekend :) xx

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