Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On my Bookshelf

It's been a few weeks since I've talked about  my recent reads, so I thought I'd update! I'm still working on The Shadow in the Wind. I will say, I do like it, but I'm smack in the middle and (yes I know it's been awhile)  I needed to take a break and read something a bit lighter, especially since my prime reading time is on my train rides to and from work. Let's be honest, because of all the people watching background noise, sometimes it's hard to read a heavier book, right?

Sooo I jumped into Emily Giffin's gushy, rom-com books and being the girl who will go for a rom-com no matter the occasion, I absolutely love them! I read Something Borrowed and Love the One You're With and can't wait to read more from her. They were both unpredictable (in my mind! Yes, even for a romantic comedy!) and left me smiling after closing both covers. So if you're in a mood for light, fun reads where you can just imagine that the male leads would be gorgeous, take these!

Also speaking of light and fun, I read Emily Schuman's Cupcakes and Cashmere book. I had been waiting for this book at the library and it finally came! Of course, it had a lot of her fashion advice, recipes, home decor advice, and entertaining tips all in one little book and I liked it a lot. I wish she could have done a little more though in her fall and winter sections, but her tips on thrifting are fantastic and something I will definitely put into practice! Read it if you haven't already!

I'm planning on finishing Shadow in the Wind and I'm also reading an education book from one of my co-workers that is definitely giving me great tips and approaches for situations with my little kiddos.

 Ok friends now time to ask what you're reading. A thriller? Romance? Comedy? Nonfiction? What what what?


  1. I've never read an Emily Giffin book, but definitely want to! It sounds like you certainly enjoyed them. If you haven't read How to Love an American Man, that's one the I recommend!

  2. I have never read an Emily Griffin book either, but I definitely need to. I just finished Gone Girl (which I highly recommend) and am about halfway through Eat, Pray, Love and The Silver Lining Playbook.

  3. i don't know much about emily griffin, but those covers are super cute!! i started 'anna karenina,' which i do want to read, but my goodness russian literature can be so hard to get into. i picked up 'a reliable wife' and it's pretty good so far. oh AND 'how to look expensive' is pretty amazing.

  4. I've been wanting to read Emily's new book! I just started reading Emily Giffin's new book and I'm already loving it.

  5. I read the hunger games. Right now I'm reading professional development books, which is way less interesting than watching paint dry... or hitting my thumb with a nail.


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