Thursday, June 7, 2012

what summer tastes like

I don't know about you, but there are a few meals that are quintessentially summer to me, one of those being homemade turkey burgers with sauteed onions, sweet potatoes, fresh greek salad with feta and fresh fruit (who doesn't love cherries?). Mary and I made this meal last night and I thought nothing had ever tasted so good! Sitting on our back patio helps too!

I guess that means one thing: summer's here! What are your quintessential summer meals? We tend to have lots of bruschetta with our fresh tomatoes for lunch, grilled chicken with hot sauce and bleu cheese dressing and of course I love to end meals with a cold dessert (lots of popsicles and my favorite fresh peach ice cream comes in soon!).


 and my apologies for being so behind this week. It's catch up time!


  1. I'm having some girlfriends over tonight and cooking exactly that! Have a good one! :)

  2. Looks amazing! I think eating outdoors makes everything taste better :)

  3. This looks SO good Susan! I am even hungrier than I already was ha! I have missed you! Hope you are doing well! xoxo

  4. That looks so delicious! I'm sitting here at work, starving, and now all I can think of is a turkey burger! Fabulous feast! xo, Megs

  5. I literally started drooling when I saw those pictures. That looks like a tasty meal - - I indulged on this summer day and you know what I had for lunch? A friggin' chocolate milkshake.!!!

    Cathy Trails


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