Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diggin' Denim

I've been searching for a denim jacket for months. Whenever I go into a thrift store or consignment store, I look for the right wash and the right fit. Well this weekend, I found it:

Here it is in all of its glory! (it looks a little bit darker in person too)

I couldn't help but think of all the fashion bloggers that I look up to that rock the denim jacket:

I adore Jessica, Kendi and Blair's style on a daily basis and when I saw that they had been rocking the denim, I knew it was time for me.

However, all denim has a different wash and when I brought my jacket home, my sister Ellen told me that mine was too dark and looked a little bit early 2000s (which was probably its real shelf date, let's be honest!). What shade do you prefer? Do you like the dark, or would you lean towards a lighter shade? Ellen wants to bleach this one, so we'll see what I decide. But for now, with all the cool nights, it's the perfect layer!

all images via pinterest


  1. Love the denim with the striped dresses

  2. I love a good denim jacket! I currently own a dark one but am on the search for a light one. I think it would be great for cool summer nights!

  3. I like both washes! I have a dark one that is a staple for me! xo

  4. Cute inspo! Loving denim jackets right now too!



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