Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Highlight

Happy New Week everyone! We are just another week closer to Thanksgiving, crazy as that is and I absolutely love love love it. I had a fantastic weekend and went home to get some R&R more like just a bit more rest, didn't have that much relaxation, but a little bit. I had a very stressful week last week, and I needed a getaway. I know that this week is a new week though and that my attitude will determine my performance of everything I need to do.

My weekend highlight was hanging out with my sister and helping her babysit the most adorable family ever. They just had a new baby a few months ago and playing with her all night was enough to make me smile. She's gorgeous (when she wasn't crying you know!) and so is her big brother and sister, who make me laugh every time I visit. I've watched this little girl grow up and she's hysterical. And she reads now! She's very good at it and even made The Cat in the Hat at nighttime sound fantastic!

Other than that, sleeping in my own comfy bed was just the best and we made lots of banana bread which I will be enjoying this morning. YUM! The other fun thing I got to do was take a quick peek downtown Chicago. I didn't really get to enjoy it this time since my trip was so quick, but my sister and I always love window shopping Oak Street just to see how we can recreate some of the high end looks. To our luck, the new Tory Burch store was opening and we just hand to go in to see it. It's absolutely beautiful! Beautiful! I'm a fan of a lot of Tory (I don't own one single item...ok I used to. Gorgeous sunglasses but they were stolen. My goal is to someday own another pair!) The clothes right now are so pretty and I'm loving the bags too.

But the thing they had that made it extra special, were macarons in orange and raspberry. and it made me want some more macarons. So if it wasn't enough, I found some on Pinterest! Are you a fan of macarons?

Happy Mondays everybody! I hope everyone has great starts to their weeks and that they all go up from here. It's Pajama Day at school today so I'll be sporting my pjs and I know my fourth graders will be too. It's going to be fun.



  1. How fun it is pajama day at your school, I so wish we had that at my office! LOL Those macaroons look amazing and when I lived in Chicago i always LOVED to window shop on Oak Street! I wish they had a Tory Burch when i lived there! xoxo

  2. Yum! Those macaroons look incredible. And it's crazy how Thanksgiving is creeping up so fast.

  3. I love hearing little kids read!!

  4. I am a huge fan of Macaroons! I simply can never have enough:) A big Tory Burch lover as well, she makes the most gorgeous bags and shoes! Great blog, I am now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


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