Tuesday, November 22, 2011

24 thankful things...

Thanksgiving is tomorrow on the 24th, so here are 24 things I'm thankful for this year (little things included), since we all need to reflect on them!

  1. The support of my family, friends, teachers and colleagues. I'd be nowhere without their support. 
  2. Long phone chats with Mom and Dad
  3. Coming home again
  4. Long runs and having the ability to run (despite my pace)
  5. Such a wonderful class to have and learn from. 
  6. Pianos at my disposal and lessons I love so much. 
  7. Late night chick flicks with my friends, mom and sisters
  8. Delicious food to eat
  9. A roof over my head even in my small hole in the wall. 
  10. Comfy, cozy sweaters with lots of coffee and hot chocolate
  11. My faith, my church and the support of everyone there. 
  12. Articles my grandpa sends me in the mail
  13. Blogging and the support of bloggers all over the country. It's so much fun to communicate with you all!
  14. Trips with my family. This year we headed to Colorado!
  15. Homemade goodies
  16. Warm blankets. 
  17. Nights alone to relax. 
  18. Nights out with friends that I'll never forget
  19. Knitting and taking time for me. 
  20. Milkshake nights with Ellen, Cody, and Mary. 
  21. Classical music nights with Dad. Someday we will see Michael Tilson Thomas actually conduct for real!
  22. Advice from friends I am so blessed to have. Honestly, I don't deserve all the people in my life that make me, me. I love all the laughs, advice, fun nights and phone calls. So so good. 
  23. An education and the ability to want to learn more. 
  24. Long days spent with the people that I love most. I cannot wait for this Thanksgiving. So that made me think of something like this:

I'm so thankful for everything I'm given. I'm so blessed to have what I have and I try to take advantage of all the little things that mean so much to me. What are little things you're thankful for? I'm headed home tomorrow and we're cooking for 16 of us, which is big for our family. Did I mention that our main refrigerator broke? Yes, not fun. I can't wait to start cooking! Seriously.can't.wait.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve all!



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