Wednesday, November 30, 2011

They say it's my birthday...

So today is the day! It's my birthday! Thanks for all of the early wishes yesterday, you ladies are too sweet! I don't have terribly amazing plans for today, since of course I have the kids all day and n and lots of work to get done, but some friends and I are doing dinner at one of my favorite places for hors d'oerves. I'm pretty excited just to spend some time with them and celebrate that way. That's really all I need! I did receive some beautiful gifts from my family and I absolutely love them! Between my new watch, a new coat and some lovely other clothing items, I'm so happy and thankful to have so many people that care so much for me. Here's to making this year the best one yet!

I do wish I had a cake like this though. What's a birthday without cake?

This is usually what my cake ends up looking like! . 
Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Aren't they gorgeous? I've always been a simple gal, so the last photo probably describes what I like best: two layers with frosting in between, and make it a chocolate cake with white icing! But I'll take anything I can get! Just kidding, of course. Do you have a favorite birthday cake? This past year has been a great year of blessings and opportunities for me. I know my upcoming year will hopefully bring more and I can't wait to live each day to see what's in store.
 Happy last day of November!



  1. Enjoy your day and dinner with friends!

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