Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Highlight

My weekend highlight was definitely spending the weekend with my grandparents in their little rural town. It really is refreshing to get out of town and spend time with more of the people I love most, even if that is just sitting around and eating lots of pumpkin cake (I swear it's just a family favorite!). My grandma and I did check out a fun outdoor market that was set on a log cabin property just outside of their town. Of course, I could have brought home a lot of items, but I did find a vintage pair of earrings for $1 and my grandma spoiled me with an early, early birthday gift.

These mittens are handmade from old sweaters. That's right: old sweaters. Aren't they fantastic? {just excuse that photo booth photo!}
 I love them! I used them on Saturday and they are super comfy and will be perfect for the months ahead.

Although this week is going to be just about perfect.

And by perfect I mean high 70s.

Yes I love me some more Indian Summer.

Love it!!

Ellen and Cody came down and we showed Cody our favorite parts of our favorite little getaway. I did lots of window shopping (wish it could've been real shopping!) and got lots of good ideas for jewelry I like and new clothes too!

The weekend ended with lots of lesson planning and preparing for the week ahead.

How about you? What was your weekend highlight?

Happy Monday!

Check out my new bracelet that I won from Jill's blog! I love it!


  1. what a fun trip! your grandparents sound so sweet! love that deal you got on your earrings and those mittens could not be cuter! i have always been a fan of mittens over gloves! xo

  2. awwww those mittens are the cutest! Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. There's just something so relaxing about spending time with grandparents. They always put things in perspective and have the best stories! Glad you had a good time with yours :)

  4. That is such a cute braclet!

    And also, a great idea about using old sweaters to make mittens!

  5. i love those mittens!! super cute and i can't believe it is old sweaters i bet they will be toasty during the winter months. sounds like you had a terrific weekend!

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