Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Take your own best advice

I really want to believe in myself every single day.

and I try to.

Really, I do.

But sometimes (this weekend for example) it's just been difficult and sometimes the advice that I give others is hard to give myself. I called my best friend on the phone last night because I was a tad bit sad, and no one can make you feel better like your good pal. She was telling me things that I usually would tell myself. For some reason, last night it sounded better coming from someone else than hearing it in my end from me. I told her that I know she wouldn't use this same advice that was applicable to her life. I told her that she should take her own best advice.

I should take mine too.

In fact, we all should really.

Because in our hearts, we all really know what is best for ourselves. We sometimes just don't want to hear it all the time. So here's my own best advice (that I really need to take right now):

  1. Stay organized! Don't let "stuff" get the better of you. It just makes you feel better everyday if you are neat. 
  2. WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN! Somewhere. Anywhere. Or virtually write it. (I'm partial to actually writing it, but still). If you write it down, and look at the places that you write things, you won't forget anything.
  3. Stay on top of your work. When I mean work, I mean anything from your day job commitments to your church commitments, or even if you're a student like me and working. Stay on top of it and don't let procrastination get the better of you!
  4. Have a good cry. Seriously, I think I've had my fair share this weekend and though I've felt a little down, it has made me feel a little better. Don't let your feelings bottle up inside you, because that makes you feel even worse. 
  5. Vent on the phone to someone for even five minutes, even if it's just to a person's answering machine. You're getting your frustrations out vocally and that's the most important thing (you could also just do this on a sheet of paper too, or just talk out loud when no one's in the room).
  6. Unwind and relax. Seriously, does this need to even be said? Take a walk, enjoy the fall colors, and know that this bit of relaxation is good for you. Don't make yourself feel guilty about it.
  7. Have a pumpkin latte. Or two. 

Again, I'm no professional, but I know my faults and what has not been working for me lately, and I thought I would share that with all of you. That being said, here's something else I would say: 

So there's my advice to take your own best advice. We all need to do that every once and awhile!

Happy Tuesday (and a four day work week!)



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