Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coat Conundrum

Happy Wednesday! Can't believe it's Hump Day already! Crazy this week has gone by so fast, and it's been such a lovely week (other than me still having a cold that I caught from the lovely 10 year olds at school! Honestly, I thought my immune system was supposed to get better? I feel like it's gotten worse!). I don't feel horrible but still colds are annoying, especially with weather this nice.

So this may seem like a silly topic to talk about when it's so nice out, but I wanted advice/opinions. So in March my beautiful black Pea Coat that I purchased just about three years ago was stolen at a bar. It was not a cheap coat (ahem, I saved for it a lot. It fit perfectly. It was so flattering!) I won't go into details, but I should've been more careful. I could have prevented this, but unfortunately this kind of thing happens to the best of us, and I guess this was just my turn. Well, winter will be upon us shortly (strangely enough!) but I was looking up Inspiration for Winter Coats! Yes I know, odd especially this week since it's so nice out. Oh well! Heres what I came up with:

Source: jcrew.com via Susan on Pinterest

Of course, all of the following are way out of my price range. But still, I need some inspiration in order to find the one! Haha. It's true though, coat shopping is rough. I try to go as classic I can so the coat can last a long time. I'd take any of these in a heartbeat. Do you have any coat recommendations or places to look? I'll take any advice I can get!

 Happy Wednesdays everybody!



  1. I always love red coats. But that white and blue one by Emerson Made is pretty gorgeous!

  2. I love that big collars are back! It just makes the jacket! Thank so much for sharing these - I'm making a trip to NYC this weekend and now I know what to look for!


  3. I've been seeing that black+white beauty everywhere--it's fabulous! one thing I've learned about coats is that they're worth the investment. think about it as a cost per wear kind of thing...if you buy one that last a while, it'll be next to nothing as a cost per wear ;) hope you have a great week--and that I see you on Friday! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  4. I'm sorry about your coat being stolen, that stinks! But I love all of these cute coats you picked! I love the boldness of the red coat and black and white coat is so chic! xo

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  6. Love all these gorgeous coats! Definitely helps me get in the mood for cooler weather! :)

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