Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bring on the bangles!

You know how some people can be shoe people or jewelry people? You’re usually one or the other. Well, I would say I’m a jewelry person. I just love the feeling that jewelry gives an outfit, an unexpected pop that it didn’t have before. For several years, I used to be all about layering as many heavy jewels as possible, the more the better. I still love statement jewelry, but I don’t layer it on as I did my first few years of college (most people probably were able to tell that I wore a school uniform from 4th grade through senior year of high school!) However, I love layering bracelets with my watch. Yes, it was a huge trend a few years ago, but I am still all about the arm party with my big gold watch. I love adding new regulars to my rotation and this new citrine birthstone bracelet from Anjolee Jewelry is perfect! I mix metals in my stack everyday, so the sterling silver band and the citrine stones go oh so well with the rest of the stack. It’s so light, perfect for stacking and it adds just the right amount of sparkle to my look. I have worn it everyday since it arrived and I just love it, it’s perfectly me!

Here’s how I styled it:

Not only am I really into mixing metals right now, but I love mixing different weights and styles. It's too fun not too!

What’s so great about Anjolee’s line is that every piece is customizable to your liking! The holidays are coming and if you’re on the hunt for a special piece for someone on your list, Anjolee is perfect. Looking for the perfect ring or birthstone bracelet? You can choose the metal type, diamond size, shape and color all on their site. Couldn’t be easier! Take a peek and start dreaming up your next special “regular.”

So are you a jewelry person? Do you go for light and dainty or heavy on the costume jewelry? I have to say I’m becoming a beautiful mix of both, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
This post was sponsored by Anjolee Jewelry. 


  1. I love a watch paired with bracelets. Like you I am definitely a jewelry person.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Huhu. I miss you, women! And I think J6 should blog, too. Hahaha!

    Lover Secret Lingerie


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