Monday, July 8, 2013

Light, airy, and open

Good morning ladies! Goodness last week got the better of me. It was such a nice extended long weekend: barbeques with family, fireworks on Chicago rooftops, cool drinks, red white and blue--and then I got a terrible cold. Yes. again. The stuffed up nose heavy cough type of cold, so Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent with me being in bed watching marathons of Frontier House. But, it was a nice weekend nonetheless and we should get those type more often!

While I was lying in my comfortable bed, I found this image. How light, airy and breezy does this look? Perfect for a girl with a cold (or just any girl wanting some relaxation time!). It's perfect, no?

What was the best part of your long weekends? Let me know!

image found here


  1. I got a cold too over the holiday weekend, its such a drag! I agree though that sometimes a relaxing weekend doing nothing is the best!

  2. bummer about the cold, i hope you are feeling better by now!


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