Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An itch I can't scratch


Yep, I got poison ivy on my legs and feet.

Are we getting too personal? Sorry but I just had to share. This stuff is nuts! And the whole thing about it is I wasn't camping or gardening, I was just at a friend's grad party. Granted, she has a huge yard. and it was dark, so I obviously must not have seen it at all.

And the first day it wasn't so bad and I didn't think about it, but now all I want to do is scratch. I don't really remember having the chicken pox but this is like...well a lot worse!

Of course, I have remedies to try to stop the itching, but it's really hard. Has anyone ever gotten it? How long did it really take to go away? The madness needs to end!


  1. Did you get a cream for it? I know my Manager has gotten into it a few times. He had some huge prescription of cream in a jar at his desk. LOL Anyways, I think it lasted for 1-2 weeks and he got it pretty bad. xoxo

  2. Awww hope you feel better soon. I got them and they lasted for like 3 weeks and were pretty bad. Yikes. I hope they get over soon, hang on there :) xxx

    Sneak peek into my life

  3. Oh no!! I've never had poison ivy, but it certainly doesn't sound like much fun :( I hope it gets better soon!

  4. Oh no I'm really sorry to hear that!! Have you tried taking an oatmeal bath? I've done that and it temporarily relieves the itchies!

    Cathy Trails

  5. Oh no, girl! Poison ivy is the WORST. Typically I have to go to the DR and get steroids when I get it :( its so bad. Something else that typically works to relieve itching is burts bee poison ivy soap! You can usually find it at Whole Foods or sometimes CVS even has it. Warning: it smells AWFUL but really does help! It dries it out fast...I'd HIGHLY recommend it. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Oh no Susan!! Did you try taking an oatmeal bath?

  7. Oh no!!!! Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Actually, I got poison ivy fairly recently too. Funny how that works, isn't it? I was at a grad party too...I would chalk it up to the ten year olds driving me so hard in that game of football or maybe it was the sitting on the grass for an impromptu powwow. Right there with you, Susan! Solidarity! We can do this!


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